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Linda Ellis Is One Of The Most Talented Writers & Poets Of Our Time

"I have read some of Linda Ellis's poems and material that are in "Live Your Dash". Linda has been given the music of the muse and her work will touch your heart, challenge your mind, and comfort your soul. She weaves out pages of her craft and her words and the imagery it conjures will set every emotion in your fiber demanding a command performance."

B&N Reviewer: lovetoreadpd

Linda's work is thought provoking!

"Reading Linda's essays and poetry is like taking a walk with a trusted friend-sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry. But, you are always left with a feeling that you are not alone and can make it through the next crisis in your life. I, especially, appreciate what she has to say about smiles being contagious. I've tried to practice this philosophy in my life and have found it to be true. Linda, keep contemplating and writing-your thoughts and smiles are needed!"

B&N Reviewer: RobinNS

Highly Recommended

"Live Your Dash...what a concept. "RIP" (Recognize, Implement, Proceed).."My Four D's".."I Infection".I experienced these new concepts in the first 30 pages! In this book I have learned ways to "Deal in Real" and to "Live like you are living" yes living. The more I read the more I learned. The more I learned the more I read. The concepts are simplistic yet powerful and are written in a way that I easily connected with. I couldn't put down."

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Packed Full of Inspiration and Wit

"The wonderful thing about this book of gems is that you can pick it up, read one story, be inspired and put it down. In my busy life, that is a great feature! Every story is unique and stands alone. I take it with me when I know I'll be waiting somewhere so that I can get quick inspiration! The clever way in which Ms. Ellis writes makes the stories and lessons stay with you. For instance, she writes about "Stratitude," which is, she says, a strategy of gratitude. The stories made me laugh. The poems made me cry. Rachel"

B&N Reviewer: Frank_Sonnenberg

I love it! Bravo!

"Live Your Dash is a gift for your heart and soul. This book is brimming with practical and inspiring advice to help YOU make every moment matter."

Amazon Reviewer: E. M. Smith "Mystic biker"

Living my Dash

"Linda Ellis looks at life through the eyes of a compassionate Poet. In her book, she reminds us all that you don't have to be sick to get better. If I had to pick one word to describe my experience in reading her book, it would be; Refreshing."

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Live Your Dash

"Live Your Dash is absolutely wonderful. The passages in all are so well put together you don't want to put the book down !!"

Amazon Reviewer: J. K. Suazo (Watauga, TX United States)

Make Every Moment Matter

"I loved this book and have given several copies away as gifts! The ideas and words are uplifting, inspirational, and when applied LIFE CHANGING! I love Linda's style, her words, and her passion for life. It is a gentle and affirming book! This will be a staple on my list of books to give for gifts!"

Amazon Reviewer: KatieRose517

An Excellent Gift

" Just bought this book for my mom as a birthday gift as she was a big fan of "The Dash" poem. She had a big smile on her face when she opened it and saw what it was. She said that she's already got some great ideas of things to try out in her own day to day life to be able to make more of her dash. I'm hoping she finishes reading it quickly so I can read it too! :) "

Amazon Reviewer: LilyAngel

Beyond Words...

" I just bought the book yesterday and I can't put it down. I have never been so touched by the words in a book as I have been by this one. I am using it as a tool to work on living my dash so that every moment matters. Thank you!"

Amazon Reviewer: gailb

I Love Linda Ellis' "Live Your Dash"

" Live Your Dash is a wonderful inspirational book. Linda Ellis' stories and poems are awesome. Her stories and poems are written with much love for life. I feel like she is writing what I feel but can't put into words. This is a wonderful book. I would recommend it for everyone. Outstanding writing. I love it!!"

Amazon Reviewer: Serenity


" This book is a must have for every household! It will truly lift your spirits. I read it nightly and always brings peace and a smile."

Amazon Reviewer: Houstonian

Love Linda's Dash

" I have loved Linda's writing since I first read "The Dash" on an e-mail over 15 years ago. Once I read her story on an e-mail, and she had her own web site I would go to it regulary. Now she has the great book with so much of the poetry I love and so many life stories to enjoy. Glad I bought it!"

Amazon Reviewer: Cindy Castle-Behlert


" Anything Linda publishs is truly amazing and VERY VERY inpirational. Definitely recommend all her publishings!!! this one is a must have!!"

Amazon Reviewer: Billy


" I am not an avid book reader, but this book had me wanting to read every night. I've even re-read several stories and chapters already. I really enjoy how Linda Ellis mixes her unique inspirational insights with stories, wit and real life poems. The word "poem" would usually disinterest me, but these are beautifully written, easy to follow and flow exceptionally well. I recommend this book highly to anyone needing a pick-me-up in life, some great practical advice or a deal-in-real (as Ms. Ellis puts it) dose of reality. Buy it. You won't regret it."

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